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Do You Struggle With Your Cash Flow?
We're Obsessed With increasing cash flow & Financial Strategy
  •  Does thinking about your cash flow give you anxiety? 
  •  Is it difficult for you to create an accurate forecast?
  •  Want to improve your finance team?
  •  Do you understand your critical driver?

  • Would having a trusted Virtual CFO give you more confidence in your business' future?
  •   Are you struggling to understand financial statements?
  •  Do financials make your brain hurt?
  •  Want a risk free CFO?
of Businesses FAIL in year one
of Businesses FAIL in year two
of Businesses FAIL after five years
of Businesses FAIL after ten years
The statistics show the longer your in business the higher the risk of failure. 
Only 8% make it past 10 years
Virtual CFO Group Works With These Types of Companies
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Medical Professionals
  •  Solopreneurs
  •  Real-estate agents

  •  Consultants
  •  Service-based companies
  •  Retail
  •  Restaurants
  •  Construction 
  •  Small businesses
  •  Tech Companies
  •  Start ups
If your company has financial statements, you need Virtual CFO Group.
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“This is the best financial innovation I’ve seen in years”

Discover how the CFO Blueprint has helped businesses like yours double in revenue

The CFO Assistance Your Business Needs to Maximize Profits
Virtual CFO Group was founded by KC Chohan who brings his extensive experience working with Fortune 500 Companies worldwide to assist business owners. We make your operations easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

Mr. Chohan was born and raised in England where he received training the University of Durham. Later he moved to the United States studying at the prestigious Harvard Business School. He has managed companies with revenues exceeding $300 Million per year.

KC's long experience working with Fortune 500 firms internationally uniquely equips him to bring these smart CFO strategies to small business. This is the intelligent way to manage your business by the numbers. Reduce costs, maximize opportunity, and grow your business quickly.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you business, solve problems, and help you step to the next level.

What Makes Virtual CFO Group So Different?
We optimize your finances so you can keep creating.  With a holistic approach we look at your finances and show you where your losing revenue, and how to stop. 

We also point out to growth opportunities your missing out on..and how to capitalize on that..
Have a peace of mind that your business can stay afloat with healthy, growing cash flow so that you can keep doing what you love.

You Know "Managing By The Numbers" Will Make Your Business More Profitable - But Let's Admit It. All Those Confusing Numbers Make Your Head Hurt

You went into business to live your passion. Your ingenious product or brilliant service is what the world needs. You are the very best at getting others excited about it. You could sell your product, service, or idea in your sleep.
When it comes to complex accounting, that's not in your wheelhouse.  Pouring through page after page of dense stats and reports takes time, time you don't have. And frankly, it's all incredibly boring 

You aren't alone. We've worked with a surprising number of businesses over the years that got into trouble because the owner didn't have time to study the numbers.
What Your Financial Statement Currently Look Like
What The CFO Blueprint Looks Like
We provide you with a valuable custom report, just like Fortune 500 companies use to constantly maximize their cash flow and profits.
 Step By Step We Hold Your Hand Along The Entire Way 
Identify Where To Focus Your Time & Attention
Highlight Trends & Growth Opportunities
Monthly Call To Review Questions & Strategies
Review The Main 4 Sections Of Your Business

Cross Multiple Time Frame To Identify Trends

Then Dig Deeper Into All 4 Sections To Build The Blueprint
Side By Side How Each Type Of Revenue Is Performing Over Time

Identify Where Your Revenue is Increasing Vs. Decreasing

Create A Blueprint On How To Increase Revenue In The Most Profitable Areas
Show You How Much Money is Left On The Table

Identify 6-8 Areas Where You Can Instantly Save Money

Create A Blueprint On How To Make Savings & Reduce Costs
Identify Where Your Cash Is Being Spent

Show You The Tends Of What Has Happened

Create A Blueprint On How To Improve Cash Flow
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Try Us Risk-Free
If Our Services Do Not Pay For Themselves We Will Refund You 100%
for companies that  qualify

"We now have a clear understanding of our financial statements and cash flow  thanks to Virtual CFO Group"


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Our Customers
Have a question? Talk to a rep.
 "Priced so it is affordable to companies of all sizes"
Kc chohan
What’s My Investment?
How much are unclear financials costing you? 
How much potential profits are you losing? 
How many of your expenses can you reduce? 
How much do you understand where your cash is being spent? 

A lack of financial knowledge may already be costing you a great deal every month.
  •  Pays for itself or you get a refund
  •  Holistic approach to reducing your costs
  •  Priced so its affordable for companies of all sizes
  •  Apply now while there is still time to surpass this years financial targets
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